Google Listing

Majority of consumers rely on Google to search, browse, and review store information in many areas. With Google My Business, you can put yourself on the map, and effectively give your customers access to all the necessary information.

We will help you create, manage, and maintain your profile so that your business will look more appealing to the consumers. This can help alleviate the customer’s stress in finding your business in this massive network.

What you will benefit:


  • Increase visibility of your business
  • Allow customers easier accessibility of business information
  • Increase credibility and popularity by managing store’s review and rating.



The global marketing share percentage, by Search Engines:Net Market Share, April 2017

Google 77%
Baidu, Bing etc 23%

Active Adult Internet Users: / Pew Research Center, 2015 Statista, 2016 Hub Spot, 2016

72% Facebook 1.13 Billion Daily
28% Instagram 500 Million Monthly
29.2% Twitter 313 Million Monthly

Social Media Marketing

It’s time to establish your ground on social networks, and let your business known on the most popular platforms where there are millions of viewing eyes every day.

To keep customers attracted to your business page, we will keep your profile looking professional with updated cover photos, and provide creative contents to keep it engaging. Maintained social profiles can construct personality to your business and can build a community of loyal customers.

What you will benefit:


  • Increase your customer traffic whether online or offline.
  • Keep people informed on daily/occasional events and promotions.
  • Attract more customers with appealing and creative contents.
  • Schedule your content for automatic posting.


Business Website

Own your own website developed by our exceptional web designers who will make your business stand out at a low cost. The website will be designed to efficiently emphasize significant information that customers look for about your business.

Majority of consumers rely on their mobile devices to search and browse the business/service they are looking for. Therefore a compatible website to satisfy both mobile and computer users is essential, and will significantly increase customer traffic.

What you will benefit:


  • Own a website that professionally represents your business.
  • Introduction of your website with the same web address as your business name.
  • Mobile-friendly website.
  • Worry-free web hosting and management.
  • Advertisement of your business widely through Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

Local Searches to visit stores within a day. / Google 2014

50% Mobile Users
34% Computer/Tablet Users

Shopify & eCommerce

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web, and also one that’s the easiest to use while giving you all the features you might ever need.

Create or update your website with a new theme or full migration to Shopify. Increase conversion rate, average order value and overall brand presence online.

What you will benefit:


  • Brilliant inventory system to help you manage your store
  • Sell across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • all-in-one marketing solution for your eCommerce and Shopify store from SEO, Social Media Marketing, to Website Design & Development,